Water is the most important things for human body. It has several properties that make it central to all living things. Water molecules are held together by weak bonds called hydrogen bonds. These bonds allow water to carry on several functions vital to life. But surprised thing is that to you drank water from the tap may have unknown drugs in it. An investigation that was published in March 2008 showed that water from the tap may be contaminated with a very wide range of pharmaceuticals as well as cattle antibiotics and estrogen hormones. What is even more alarming is that there are absolutely no state or federal standards regarding the presence of drugs in drinking or waste water.

No studies have been done to determine what the health effects are from drinking tap water contaminated with pharmaceuticals. That is why it is incredibly important to have a drinking water test done quickly on the tap water in your home. Can you imagine the potential health problems that could occur if you are unknowingly putting drugs and antibiotics into your body on a consistent basis?

Most of the people are probably asking just how it is that the drugs are able get into the general water supply and still make it through all the processing and testing and then out the tap into the body? Actually it is very easy because people all over the world take their prescribed pills as directed, and their bodies are able to absorb some of the medicine, however the rest of it passes through the body and is later flushed down the toilet. This waste water is cleaned and treated and then discharged into lakes and reservoirs that supply local water sources. At drinking water treatment plants, this water is cleaned again and passed through many drinking water test procedures but most water treatments are unable to remove the entire amount of drug residue that is present in the water.

You can do your own drinking water test for the water in your home rather quickly. It does not matter whether you are getting your tap water from the municipal water company or you have well water, there is a very large possibility that you are putting very harmful chemicals, toxins and drugs into your body and your family’s bodies without even knowing it. The harmful effects of this lethal combination over many years may cause any number of unknown negative health factors and illnesses, and people may never even know it.