Nowadays people are so much conscious about health. But, healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, ahead is some information on four healthy foods for your diet that taste good, are readily available at the grocery store, and are very good for your health. Sometimes we tend to think of healthy food as boring, tasteless and unappealing.

Everyone only eat cinnamon when it is on top of a bun or sugary muffin. In addition to tasting good, it also helps control blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of heart disease. Eating two grams of cinnamon each day for six weeks reduced sugar levels in the blood stream, as well as lowered cholesterol in people with Type Two Diabetes, USDA research found. Methylhydroxychalcone polymers are the active ingredients found in the spice, and these help your body metabolize sugar better.

It is surprising, but beets are one of the best foods you can include in your diet. Two items that reduce homocysteine in the blood stream are foliate and butane and these things are found in beets. It is believed that homocysteine can damage arteries and cause heart disease. If you add beets to your diet, you will lessen the chance of developing any of these problems. Feeding lab mice beets, it has been proven that they help fight cancer. It is best to eat beets raw for the maximum health benefit.

This vegetable is popular in Asia and Europe and is quickly becoming popular in UK as well. The most valuable nutrient in cabbage is sulforaphane, which is thought to decrease the risk of cancer. The way it does this is by neutralizing free radicals and by ramping up the productions of natural enzymes that work to decrease cell damage. A good way to enjoy this delicious addition to your diet is to shred it and add it could mix up a delicious salad of cut up carrots and apples.

Goji Berries:
Tibetans have been using Goji berries for medicinal reasons for centuries. Research has found that a small berry contains more antioxidants than any other fruit that has been analyzed so far. Research has also found that the berry can reduce insulin production, which is a risk factor for patients with diabetes. An easy way to add the benefits of these berries to your diet is to sprinkle them on your morning hot or cold cereal, or even yogurt.