If it wasn’t bad enough already with covid now Indian restaurants have been hit even
harder with extortion amount of rising food costs.
We have to inform all to expect prices to rise on our menu due to the worldwide
situations :
1) All red meat products including frozen mutton and lamb (these will be sharp rises) due
to massive shortages as China and the Middle East are now competing for product and
the worldwide increase in shipping frights has also had a big impact.
2) All poultry products including chicken fillets, due to bird flu in Europe which is causing
massive shortages in livestock.
3) All Seafood including Bangladeshi fish due to worldwide freight increases (up to 300%
increases on a 40 ft container)
4) Oils and Ghee due to increasing in raw material.
5) Foil containers 10/15% due to worldwide shortages of Foil.
6) Plastic packaging has already increased due to worldwide shortages of raw materials.
7) Paper and cardboard products due to a worldwide shortage of paper.
All Mango items due to crop destruction during the typhoon in India.
Expect small imported items to increase slightly over the next few weeks due to worldwide
freight increases,

Mayon Miah
Nazmin’s restaurant