Indian food transform widely because of the different regions of India that it comes from. But one thing in common in all the different dishes from the Indian cuisine is their lavish usage of spices in the preparation of those dishes. It is the use of these spices that one is able to identify a dish belonging to the Indian Cuisine when travelling in countries other than India.

The Indian cuisine has become immensely popular around the globe. It is widely accepted and you are sure to find an Indian restaurant near your abode, no matter what continent you are in. It can be rightly assumed that the popularity of Indian cuisine in different parts of the world is initially owing to the British influence of India.

The British ruled India for almost a century. British recruits who used to travel back home on leave or were posted back demanded that they be served with Indian food that their palate had become used to. This initiated the production of various popular dishes from the Indian cuisine in restaurants.

However Indian food that is served in restaurants or is found in homes in India is slightly different to the Indian food that is served in Britain, although you are going to find the same names and loads of similarities. Therefore the extravagant use of spices is found in the British Indian food but with a local influence. For example, you might find roast beef that has been flavored with typical Indian spices, which include red chili powder, roasted cumin, turmeric powder, coriander, cinnamon and of course ginger and garlic.

Many of the curries that are popular in Indian cuisine can be and are eaten with spaghetti in Britain. The barbeque dishes also have an Indian influence. Although Indian cuisine is not always hot, it can be and it is any case rich in spices. The British Indian food carries almost the same number of spices, but the proportion is kept slightly less to prepare a milder tasting curry which is acceptable to both the Indian population and local population in Britain.

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