It’s Almost 2021! , let’s be grateful and thankful that we are all healthy and safe let us also be sad for the losses of so many of our family and friends and the community that have sadly lost lives this year.

2020 has been a devastating year for many of us, some have lost jobs, careers and businesses, others have lost family, friends and colleagues.

Yet we are still here , still together , still fighting to keep going and return to some normality once again.

So let’s all be Thankful , for our Families that love us unconditionally.
Be Thankful , for the Friends and Colleagues who care for us .
Be Thankful , for the Nurses and Doctors who work tirelessly every day to serve us !

Be Thankful, for scientists who work day and night to find cures, and vaccines for us.

Even be Thankful for our Government who , in their bumbling way , are also fighting to find ways to rid us of this Virus once and for all and make life normal again.

Be finally be Thankful to Everyone in the community, who have been so supportive to
Local businesses in this crucial time to help us and many like us survive this pandemic .

Thank you ?
Happy and a prosperous 2021 to Everyone !

Nazmin’s Team