Nowadays people have so much running around to do and then end up at home and hungry. In this reason everyone always wants for some healthy late night meals that are quick to prepare. That’s when you start to munch on food that really isn’t a proper meal or food that you really shouldn’t be eating at all. The alternative is the fast food pick up. That is healthiest but some reason it should be bad for health. So what to do on those late nights? What should you have in your fridge or pantry to quickly prepare? Let’s take a look at preparing healthy late night meals.

One idea is to have no cook meal. On your way home pick up a small loaf of Italian or French bread so that it’s nice and fresh. Create a platter of salami, prosciutto and maybe some grapes and olives. Finish this off with some dark chocolate. Kids also enjoy food platter type dinners add some crackers, cut pita bread up into interesting shapes. Cut up some veggies and have some dip on hand. Kids will usually eat those mini carrots if they have something to dip them into. Pasta is great quick meal for late night.

  • Cook your pasta as directed on the box
  • Fry up some bacon until crisp, drain and crumble
  • Saute some chopped onion and garlic in the bacon drippings
  • Separate 3-4 eggs, whip up the yolks until well blended
  • Pour 1/4 of the noodles into the eggs and stir
  • Put in the rest of the ingredients and toss well
  • Salt and Pepper as desired.

Another great idea for late night meals that will also give you a choice of meals is to cook for your freezer. Preparing meals in portion sizes on weekends or whenever you find the time can save you substantial time and money. This way you are not tempted to make that fast food stop and the freezer meals you have prepared homemade are so much healthier than the variety you buy in the store. Cooking ahead can save you the stress of cooking during the week, it becomes a simple pop the food in the oven or heats it up on the stove and you have a healthy late night meal.

No cook meals, simple meals and freezer meals do take a little time and planning but the benefits are enormous especially when you are running late through the week. These are great ways to prepare foods late at night.