Indian Curry restaurants serve approximately 2.5 million customers every week, The most popular Indian dish is, of course, the tasty chicken curry and Chicken Tikka Masala. Over 70,000 staff are employed by the more than 9,000 Indian Curry Restaurants in the UK and, in fact, in London there is a greater number of Indian Restaurants than there are in Bombay and Delhi combined!

Balti Means Bucket

Indian food is without a doubt the UK’s favourite cuisine. According to a recent survey, retail sales accounted for 42% of total sales of ethnic foods and was valued at £250 million. According to records, Britain’s first curry restaurant was opened in 1809 (the Hindustani Coffee House which is located in London’s Portman Square).

Surprisingly enough, the actual word ‘curry’ isn’t often used in India – rather there are a variety of curry style dishes, which have their own regional characteristics

Nottingham Trent University studies show that people begin to crave for a curry mainly due to the fact that the spices arouse and stimulate the taste buds.

There are two indian restaurants to every one chinese restaurant. Two thirds of all meals out in the UK are Indian Food and this is worth 3.2 billion pounds a year!

It is clear that Indian Food has become a big part of British culture.

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Shajan,Mayon and Manik