According to the latest figures issued in the UK each person 165 pounds of processed sugar is consumed per year, all processed sugar is empty calories and they have no nutrient value. So whether brown or white or whatever color they wish to disguise it as we don’t need this artificial food. However you can have as much natural sugars as found in sugar cane, fruit or vegetables as you wish when raw, as they have not had their molecular structure interfered with which makes them completely safe for us to have.

As Doctor Bernard Jensen once put it “God did not make sugar” this is why it’s not natural to the body, it takes 90 feet of sugar cane to make half a cup of refined sugar. Most granulated baby drinks consist of more that 90% sugar, a tin of baked beans can have up to 8 tea spoons of sugar. a pack of cornflakes up to 40% sugar, chewing gum 3 tea spoons, sugar free is even worse as saccharin (cindered) we know hardens the tricuspid valves in the heart causing them to become hard and brittle! So they snap and you cannot be resuscitated, ice cream up to 40% sugar, soft drink 330 ml cans up to 12 tea spoons of sugar. In Fantail 2 liter bottle of pop can have as much as 72 tea spoons and the list goes on and on! In fact if it’s in a bottle, can, box or packet it is processed and more than likely have sugar in it.

24 teaspoons of sugar in a day is sufficient to stop the body’s immune system from working, remember there are 12 teaspoons in a can of pop, hence in a hot summer everyone drinks pop and then in the autumn there is a flu epidemic. Did you know that human male sperm count is down by 50% in western society? Well in mice we find that when they are fed on human processed food by the second generation their sperm count is also down by 50%. By the fourth generation mice can no longer have babies, we are now bringing up the 3rd generation of humans on processed food.

  • The key ingredient found in all processed foods is man made SUGAR. So sugar- brown, white or whatever color they wish to camouflage it as, has detrimental effects on the body.
  • Sugar binds itself to the oxygen in the red blood cells and decreases the ability of the brain to work effectively, (if you are taking exams have a fruit with natural sugars in it, this is healthier and won’t stop you from thinking properly) and anyone with any form of Anemia must avoid sugar to save their lives.
  • Sugar and processed foods disrupt the Endocrine balance because of their high calorie content; this over stimulates the digestive organs making them demand more food than is needed to maintain strength and vitality, making over secretion of hormones and finally exhaustion of the hormone producing glands not to mention the enzyme reserves.
  • Sugar causes a feeling of well being as it over stimulates the pituitary gland, this gland is considered to be the “master gland” as it sends hormones to all the other glands such as the thyroid, adrenals, reproductive glands and pancreas! All these organs in turn are thrown out of balance.
  • It prevents the body from absorbing calcium.
  • Sugar interferes with the “islets of langerhans” (which are a collection of special cells scattered throughout the pancreas, they are what secrete insulin which is poured directly into the blood stream).
  • If consumed prior to bedtime it destroys even faster the body’s immune system’s ability to build antibodies, this takes place in the first two hours of sleep. That is why regular sleep patterns are very important to stay healthy.
  • It is the leading cause of headaches and migraine in western society.
  • During the filtering process sugar may have carcinogenic impurities introduced into it.
  • It plays havoc with blood sugar levels by raising it temporarily and then lowering it dangerously as its fuel cannot be stored!
  • Sugar prevents the vitamin B complex and other nutrients needed from being absorbed.
  • We can get over 700 capillaries into a shaft of a pin and yet sugar cane inflame that same capillary which interferes with the process of osmosis, as seen in eczema and psoriasis and other skin disorders.
  • It causes muscle to have less endurance and strength.
  • Produces an acid which it chess the protective tooth enamel and fosters gum disease.
  • Caused fermentation within alimentary canal.
  • It is known to promote bacterial invasion, as in rheumatism, inflammation of the heart.
  • It creates stress.
  • It is habit forming and therefore is seen to be a basis for other addictive behaviors. As seen in children and psychotic stress.

It should never be used with any form of milk as seen in yogurts; one report stated that the average yogurt is 4% alcohol. This is why so many children have lost control of their mental and physical faculties or over active as some people call it.