Valentine’s Day is normally a big night for us and the hospitality industry, with a romantic candlelit dinner, decadent dessert offerings and wine pairings all designed to evoke romance. But with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing all eateries to shut their doors, you are only left to order a takeaway and cosy up at home.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to develop ways to recreate a unique dining experience at home that feels just as special as dining at our restaurant, The chef and owner Mayon Miah says

I have been here for a few decades now and it’s my first Valentines day where I cant see couples enjoying a romantic meal at Nazmin’s, it’s an awful experience as I would normally decorate the place with Valentine’s theme for a romantic experience as well and not just a delicious meal.

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With couples spending more time together than ever in 2020 — some even working from home in the same shared spaces all day — a classic date night would have held a lot more important than it used to.

After a year where special occasions couldn’t really happen, we were so looking forward to welcoming couples, giving them a reason to get out of the sweatpants and dress up and giving them a five-star dining experience to remember, but it is what it is so staying home and give us a call or order online-please get your orders in early and avoid the rush hour”

Stay safe

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