The Indian cuisine is famous for a lot of its delicacies. Where there are dozens of savory main courses to devour, there are numerous mouth-watering desserts; the sight of which can easily make you forget that you were on a certain weight-watching diet. Who can forget the very popular, lip smacking and delectable Indian snacks which give you the feeling like you are breathing fire, but you still find yourself craving for more.

Below some of the popular Indian delicacies have been listed. The list is nowhere complete; however it is an attempt to give you an idea of what you can expect in the Indian cuisine.

Savory Main Courses:

Perhaps the one main savory item out of the Indian cuisine, which is loved all over the world, is, without a doubt, the Chicken Tikka. Marinated in many aromatic, dry spices with a hint of lemon, these chicken pieces, which are either cut into large quarters of a whole or bite size pieces, are then barbecued over charcoal. There is nothing like a juicy Chicken Tikka which is served with tamarind or coriander and green chilli chutney.

However like the Chicken Tikka, the Tandoori Chicken, Mince Kofta curry, Mutton curry, Chicken Tikka Biriany and Pillau (rice cooked in meat stock and dryfruits) are amongst other hot favorite delicacies which are enjoyed world over.

Dessert Delicacies:

The savory dishes, there are many exquisite sweet Indian dishes that cannot be missed no matter how many calories they contain. One of the very famous sweet delicacies is the “GulabJamun” which are actually small balls made out thickened milk extract, clarified butter and some leavening agent. These smooth balls are then deep fried again in “Ghee” till they are brown to dark brown. The fried balls are dipped in prepared sugar syrup where the balls suck in the sweetness. They are served both hot and cold and are equally delicious either way. Some other irresistible Indian desserts include bread pudding (ShahiTukra), rice pudding (Kheer) and Zarda (sweetened rice).

Savory Snacks:

Famous Indian snacks include Samosa, PavBhaji, Panipuri, ChannaChaats and Pakodas. Each of these is prepared using different vegetables like potato, carrots, and peas and items like chickpeas, bread flour and gram flour.

In this article finally who can forget their spicy and tangy pickles out of which the mango seasoned pickle is the most favorite. Indian wedding caterers whether they are in UK, USA or anywhere else master in all of these dishes and therefore can plan each Indian wedding perfectly.