Breakfast is the first meal consumed after fasting an entire night. All the time a nutritious breakfast will keep the hunger pangs away during the day. Small lunches and light dinners are enough to help you get through a full working day. Traditionally in UK a full English breakfast was popular.

Today the importance of a full breakfast has taken a step back. In recent times life has become so fast and quick that eating a good breakfast is a luxury. It is now eaten only on weekends, holidays and vacations. It is unclear about the origin of the English breakfast but we all know that it have originated in rural England. It was a sustaining meal for workers to help them through a long morning of hard labor.

Menu of the breakfast :

An English breakfast generally begins with orange juice, cereals and fruits but the heart of the English breakfast is bacon and eggs. Breakfast is incomplete without them. Sausages, devilled kidneys, porridge, kippers, mushrooms, toast and marmalade and grilled tomatoes are some of its accompaniments also breakfast is then rounded off with a good cup of tea. The choice of accompaniments in each county of the United Kingdom can be different. While the breakfast may include fried bread, black pudding and baked beans.

Cooking and Eating the English breakfast :

The breakfast is cooked fresh, except the tomatoes. Frying is not a healthy option; grilled food lacks grease and may not have the required moisture. Slowly friend bacon and sausages can really be lip smacking. Its flavors are not too spiky but are familiar. Though the full breakfast is served with a large mug of tea, these days coffee is also being served.

Since the full breakfast is a rare treat these days, most people enjoy it well cooked, with plenty of moisture. Eggs are an essential item on the menu and no one wants the rubbery poached eggs. The scrambled or fried eggs are preferred. Cooking the fried egg the right way is important.

Nowadays full breakfast is traditionally served at breakfast time, but it is also popular at other times, usually replacing lunch. The English breakfast is packed with calories; if you are a weight watcher maybe you won’t relish the idea of a hearty English breakfast. Indulging in the English breakfast occasionally is a luxury.