Welcome to Nazmin's

Serving Quality Food Since 1966

Welcome to Nazmin's

Nazmin’s the award-winning Indian restaurant in Earlsfield has long been recognized as one of the finest dining experiences in south London, simply the best when it comes to the very best Indian food in the most beautiful of surroundings.
With its exquisite decor and intimate atmosphere whilst the menu showcases the best of Indian food using an exciting blend of the traditional and the modern – and a passion for food that has earned Nazmin’s its pedigree.
All of which effortlessly combines with graceful service to offer a warm and luxurious dining experience. Whether it’s a romantic candlelit dinner or a family gathering, Nazmin’s is the place to be!

Nazmin’s Proudly Sponsors Earlsfield Football Club

Open 7 Days a week 6:00 pm - 11 :30 pm

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Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • £10.50

    Chicken Tikka Biriany Exquisite taste

    Chicken Tikka Biriany

  • £12.95

    Lamb Shank Bhuna

    Spicy baby lamb shank cooked with whole spice, grounded garlic, ginger, onions garnished with tomatoes and fresh coriander, served with pillau rice.

  • £3.95

    Meat Samosa

  • £4.95

    King Prawn Butterfly

  • £9.50

    King Prawn Rogan

    King Prawn Rogan

  • £2.50

    Indian Salad

    Indian Salad

Call Us: 02089462219 , 02089464221

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What Our Clients Say


Very Impressed will recommend

Abdy Gibson,Bishops Stortford

Very very good keep it up!! Areal asset to Earlsfield.

Philip Mccartney

Absolutely awesome, best in South London, been to northcote road, southfields, Wimbledon, Tooting, Putnery No 1 comes close to Nazmin’s


Fantastic restaurant, always good food & service highly recommended. A restaurant I can honestly take my first date to

Tom, Islington

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Jane Doe